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Recauto India Pvt. Ltd. is not and does not claim to be the owner or licensee of any of these trade marks, designs or copyrights that are connected with the products being offered for sale on the website.

The respective rights holders of the afore stated Intellectual Property are not affiliated with Recauto India Pvt. Ltd. or with the website, nor have they endorsed the website or the sale of the products offered herein.

The products offered for sale on the website have been lawfully acquired by Recauto India Pvt. Ltd., after the same had been put on the market by or with the consent of the manufacturers of these products and the respective proprietors of the trade marks attached to these products. The products being offered for sale on this website are being offered in the same packaging along with same trade marks adhering thereto, as were present on these products, when they were acquired by Recauto India Pvt. Ltd.

Such other party’s trade marks, names and logos exhibited on this website are exhibited in good faith for the limited purpose of identifying genuine products being offered for sale on this website, as having been manufactured and/or originating from the respective owners of these trade marks or their licensees. Such incidental exhibition of these trade marks, names and logos is in accordance with fair use and honest commercial practice in the web based spare parts trade.

All other trade marks, names and logos relating to Recauto India Pvt. Ltd. on this website are owned solely by Recauto India Pvt. Ltd., as do the copyrights in the website layout and design.


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